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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Online and Mobile Banking Upgrade.

Please see a list below of Frequently Asked Questions related to our online and mobile banking upgrade. For complete information about this upgrade, please click here


Q: When did this upgrade occur?

A: Monday, September 10th at 9am.


Q: Why is this upgrade better?

A: This upgrade offers enhanced support, security and a better user experience. For a complete list of benefits, click here


Q: How do I log in?

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Your username (also referred to as Access ID) remains the same and must be entered in all lower-case letters. 
  • Please refer to emails sent by Belmont Savings for your temporary, first-time password.
  • You will be prompted to change your password and establish security questions upon first log in.


Q: Why am I not seeing new data in Quickbooks?

A: Disconnect your current Belmont Savings accounts in Quickbooks on or after Monday, September 10th and reconnect to Belmont Savings Bank's new platform.


Q: What happened to the mobile app?

A:  As part of the upgrade, we also launched a newly updated Mobile Banking App. The new app is available to download now.  You may delete the old app.


Q: What happened to the Money Management tool?

A:  As part of the upgrade, we also launched a new financial management tool called Budget that can be used to track spending in online banking.


 Q: Will I need to adjust any settings after the upgrade?

A: Some customers will need to reset certain settings:

  • Money Management users have been automatically enrolled in Budget, which is a new online banking financial management tool that can be used to track spending. Data from Belmont Savings accounts will be available upon first log in once customers click the blue button that says "Resolve" under "Alerts" in the Budget tool . However, to track account information from other financial institutions and/or by customized categories, users will need to re-enter those details. 
  • The ability to transfer funds between your accounts at Belmont Savings and accounts at other financial institutions remains available. However, online banking users need to re-enter account information from other financial institutions they want included in this new platform. 
  • BillPay users who use e-bills need to re-enter bills.
  • Alerts or Notifications need to be re-established.
  • If you have given another user permission to access your online account, please contact 888-382-3509. 


Q: Where can I find my e-Statements?

A:  e-Statements are still available through online banking. Instead of a separate e-Statements tab, your can now view up to 18 months of statements in your account's "Document" tab, available in the Account section of online banking. To enroll in e-Statements and securely view up to 18 months of your statements online, follow these steps for each account:

  • Enroll by logging into Online Banking
  • Click on the Accounts tab in the navigation bar,  select the account you wish to enroll in eStatements, click on "Documents"
  • Enter the enrollment code and click "Submit" to accept the Terms & Conditions, then click "Submit" to confirm the account is set to eStatements





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