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Loan Originators

At Belmont Savings, we have a friendly team ready to help you through the loan process. Our loan originators are listed below with their coresponding NMLS ID number for your reference. 

Joseph Accardi 144453
Zack Assarian 355777
Lillian Ayala 1099205
Faisal Azim 749864
Rob Balderson 495024
Kimberlee Bond 39915
Eric Brickley 224890
Morgan Cambern 752977
Rick Capobianco 39923
Reilly Cavanaugh 1589546
Katie Conachy 900482
Joel Concepcion 1385361
Monica DiPace 1078935
Edward Dorr 1589547
Janine Doumanian 1483217
Brooklyn Finch 1483218
Miranda Frezza 1672519
Richard Garcia 1355362
Daniel Garofalo 1488230
Taylor Harrington 751331
Dave Jean 1589545
James Jenkins 1550754
Lena Kalachian 1595423
Christine Karakouzian 1672518
Alisa Karapetyan 1184538
Benjamin Lary 1530315
Sally Leung 1589548
Seth Lopes 1098909
Janieva Mallory 1553305
Kristina MacKay 531314
Cristina Palladino 796954
Heather Rielly 1616995
Maria Santa 1179672
Edward Skou 1099585
Hamilton Soriano 1488229
Daniel Strachan 1101330
Matthew Sullivan 1256753
James Tierney, Jr. 1095302
Kenneth Tingle 1378635
Matthew Weldai 10086715
Eric Westin 1099206

Belmont Savings Bank NMLS #486283

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