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Now Available:

A new & improved online banking and mobile banking experience

This page offers all the key information you need to know about the upgrade including a demo of the new platforms.

The new platform offers access to all of the same account information you used to see plus a better user experience and enhanced capabilities and features. Learn more about required actions, the new benefits of this program and more using the links below. If you have any questions about the upgrade, please feel free to contact us at 617-993-1400, option 3.

For a list of frequently asked questions, click here.




  • Log in securely to our mobile app with fingerprint authentication. Some mobile devices will also support facial recognition.
  • Monitor your account closely with our enhanced notification options including password updates, email address changes and various account activities.


  • Access customer support via online chat in Online Banking.
  • Share files securely through Online Banking.
  • Reset your password quickly and easily using our new self-help features

Enhanced User Experience

  • Use our mobile app to send funds to people you know and trust using Popmoney personal payment service. Users now have the ability to send money to a person by the next day.
  • Use our mobile app to make transfers between your Belmont Savings accounts and accounts at other financial institutions.
  • Expedite bill payments through online and mobile banking. 
  • Make loan payments by easily transferring funds from your Belmont Savings checking account to your Belmont Savings loan right within online banking.
  • Order checks directly through online banking.
  • Enjoy our new financial management tool within online banking.
  • Make Stop Payments directly within Online Banking.
  • View more historical transaction information (up to one full year) in Online Banking.

System Downtime

  • Mobile Banking will be unavailable from 9 a.m. EST on Monday, September 10th until our new app is available in the App Store and Google Play store which is expected by end of day.
  • Access to Bill Pay, Mobile Deposits, and Popmoney is available now, ahead of schedule. 

First Time Log In Instructions & Passwords

  • Your username (also referred to as Access ID) remains the same and must be entered in all lower-case letters. 
  • Please refer to emails sent by Belmont Savings for your temporary, first-time password.
  • You will be prompted to change your password and establish security questions upon first log in.

Mobile Banking App

  • As part of the upgrade, we are also launching a newly updated Mobile Banking App. The new app will be available to download by end of the day today, Monday, September 10th. At that time, you may delete the old app.

Web Connect  and Direct Connect Users

  • In order to ensure that you have complete transaction data available to you for your Quicken or Quickbook records, please note the directions below.
  • Direct Connect Users and Web Connect Users:
    • Download your history in online banking before 4:00pm EST on Friday, September 7th.
    • If you are a Billpay user within Quicken, cancel Outstanding Payments before 4:00pm EST on Friday, September 7th.
    • Disconnect your current Belmont Savings accounts in Quickbooks on or after Monday, September 10th and reconnect to Belmont Savings Bank.
  • Express Web Connect Users (Quickbooks Online)
    • Download your history in online banking before 4:00pm EST on Friday, September 7th.
    • Disconnect your current Belmont Savings accounts in Quickbooks on or after Monday, September 17th and reconnect to Belmont Savings Bank.

Bill Pay

  • Scheduled payments in Bill Pay will be processed as usual. However, if you need to schedule a new bill payment with a deliver-by date of September 12th or 13th please enter that payment into Bill Pay no later than September 7th  to ensure a timely delivery.
  • E-bills users will not be able to establish new e-bills between September 4th and September 10th.
  • Payee information and scheduled payments have been carried over to the new system, however, BillPay history did not transfer.
  • E-bills will not carry over into the new system. Users who currently use e-bills will need to re-enter bills.
  • Timing of Funds Withdrawal Change: In our current system, Bill Pays sent by check (as opposed to an electronic payment) are withdrawn on the delivery date. In our new system, Bill Pays sent by check will be drawn once the check is deposited or cashed by the recipient. See a detailed description below:


Alert settings will not carry over to our new system. However, with this upgrade, online banking users will have access to enhanced notifications. Text and/or email alerts can be set to notify you of the following:

  • Account balance is below or above a certain threshold
  • Online banking login was locked out
  • Online banking password was changed
  • Specified check number was cleared
  • Deposit was credited to an account
  • Credit transaction was posted
  • Transaction equal to threshold amount
  • Transaction over threshold amount
  • Payment posted to loan and loan advance posted

The contact and timing preferences for alerts can be established and adjusted on the homepage of the Alerts tab.

Transferring Funds

Online banking users will need to re-enter account information from other financial institutions to be included in this new platform. 

Budget Tool

Money Management users will be automatically enrolled in Budget, which is a new online banking financial management tool that can be used to track spending. Data from Belmont Savings accounts are available upon first log in: simply click on the blue "Resolve" button under Alerts within Budget. However, to track account information from other financial institutions and/or to create custom categories, users will need to re-enter these details.

Shared Access

If you had given another person permission to access your online account, please call us at 888-382-3509.


For more information on Online Banking at Belmont Savings Bank, click here.


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